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Health and Counseling Center – Counseling

The purpose of Health and Counseling Center at THU is to promote and maintain the mental health of all students and staff on campus. There are school counselors, clinical psychologist, social workers, and psychiatrists providing professional and sincere service. Whenever you would like to share your story to us, welcome to walk in to the warmest Student Counseling Center.



Individual Counseling

We provide individual counseling for all students and staff, you can make an appointment with counselors during services hours.Psychological counseling is a process of self-understanding, self-exploration and self-development. The counselor can helps you to deal with life issues, such as interpersonal relationship, career planning, learning problem and emotional problems and so on.


Group Counseling

We have different kinds of group topics in every semester, such as self-exploration, interpersonal relationship, stress management, career exploration, and self -awareness and self-care of emotion etc. They are usually held once a week for six to eight times.


Psychological Tests

We have many kinds of tests, including personality test, career test, mental health/adjustment test, interpersonal relationship test and study strategy test. Counselors will explain results of the test to help you know yourselves better and encourage further counseling according to the process of discussion and your willingness.


Mental Health Promotion

We hold different kinds of topical activities through lecture, discussion, movie, psychological tests, group and other ways, which are in order to provide the comprehensive service for all students and staff.



What is psychological counseling? Does it help me solve the problem?

Psychological counseling is a kind of professional service of helping, and the process of counseling includes building up the relationship, understanding the problem and promoting individual awareness and the ability of coping with problem. When you talk about your problem, the counselor not only understands your situation but also guides you to examine the problem again in order to help you find your own solving way.

When do I need counseling?

It does not only people who have mental illness or serious problem that need counseling. Everyone comes for counseling for different reasons, someone wants to learn the skills of coping with life, someone wants to changes their family relationship, someone wants to understand himself/herself better, and someone is distracted by affected problem. More generally speaking, counseling is a way of seeking the individual growth.

What is the counselor’s background?

The full-time and part-time teachers in Student Counseling Center have professional training background, including social work, counseling or psychiatry.

Where is the place that I talk to the counselor?

The place of counseling is at the counseling room of Student Counseling Center, which is a designed, safe and comfortable space.

How long does the counseling take?

The interview is fifty minutes every time and once a week basically. How many times you should come that depends on the individual need and counseling goal.

Before counseling, what should I prepare?

The most important thing is coming to the interview on time. If you can’t come, you should cancel the appointment by telephone or in person as soon as possible.

Does anybody else know my problem?

The counselor should take the responsibility for keeping secret about the content that you talk; they also won’t inform your parent and tutors actively besides the following situation:

  1. When you want to endanger others or yourself.
  2. Involving or violating the law.

How do I make the appointment?

We provide the day (8:00AM to 5:00PM) and night (7:00PM to 9:00PM) counseling; you can make the appointment during the service hour by telephone or in person.

When should I need to be transferred?

In order to help you more effectively, sometimes the counselor will transfer you to other more appropriate counselor or psychiatrist. However, the counselor will ask for your content before the transfer. If you ask for transfer by yourself, you have to discuss to the original counselor, too.

Does the counseling need recording?

In order to help you more effectively, counselor may ask for recording, but you have the right to realize these more or refuse. After you write down the content form, the counselor will record the process of counseling.





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