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Student Housing Service

Promote an independent and engaging experience that allows students to positively adjust and flourish through their collegiate journey. Housing Services has about 5500 students living on campus.


  1. The dorm charge for one semester (18 weeks) is around NTD 9,600-12,600 per person.
  2. Each room is shared among four students, and each student is provided with a bed, desk, chair, closet, and bookshelf. Shower rooms, toilets, and launderettes are available and shared for use. Students can watch TV during their free time in the lounge. There is a supermarket on campus where you can purchase your groceries.
  3. Internet are available in every room, internet cord is not included.
  4. There is no dormitory for families or couples in THU, dorms are currently unavailable to families or couples.
  5. Families or couples are not allowed to stay at dorms. Visitors are available to stay at Alumni House on campus; however, they have to make their own reservation. Please refer to the Alumni House website.



  1. 19th Boys’ Dormitory Kitchen Rules男生宿舍19棟廚房公告
  2. Code of Conduct in Tunghai University Dormitory 東海大學學生宿舍生活公約
  3. Tunghai University Student Dormitory Management Rules  東海大學學生宿舍管理規則


  1. Application for Transferring the Ownership of the Bed 床位更換申請單
  2. Application for Leaving off Campus 長期外宿單
  3. Application form for late return 提早開門申請書
  4. Re-issuance of Dormitory Key 寢室鑰匙申請單
  5. Temporary Passport Application 臨時通行證申請書


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Contact Us

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