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Student Assistance

Provides financial assistance such as scholarships, family emergency cases, student insurance compensation, and also maintain the campus’ safety.

Student Accident Insurance Application 學生平安保險申請

  1. Login Student information system and print “student accident insurance application form” and Personal Information Agreement
  2. Prepare these files bellowed and contact Mrs. Liu (phone: 04-2359-0240)
    1. Student Accident Insurance Application Form學生平安保險理賠申請書
    2. Medical Diagnosis Certificate診斷證明書
    3. Medical Receipt (original copy)醫療收據
    4. Bankbook cover copy個人金融存摺封面影本
    5. Personal Information Agreement資料告知暨同意
    6. Others: more accident certificates to help application smoothly其他
      • Car accident: Registration Form for those Involved in Traffic Accidents 車禍: 交通事故登記單
      • Bone fracture: disc of X-ray骨折: X光光碟片

Go to THU Student Information Sytem


Student leave Application 學生請假申請

  • Normal days and Midterm exam一般請假:

Download leave application form, fill it out and apply to those instructors given lessons.

Failure to take a midterm exam, you have to get department chairman’s signature for ratification.


Download: Leave application download.

  • Final exam or graduation exam期末考試或畢業考試請假:

In the event of failure to take the final exam, get triplicate application form from Student Assistance Division.

An application is submitted to the instructor for approval, to the department chairman for review, and to the Dean of College for ratification. Finally, hand the application over to Student Assistance Division, we’ll pass on to Academic Affairs to register a make-up exam.

至生輔組辦公室領取3聯式請假單,填寫後向各科任課教師請假,並經系主任及院長簽章,再送回生輔組轉送教務處辦理統一補考登記 。

  • More student leave application question, contact Mrs. Liu (phone 04-2359-0240); Make-up exam questions, contact Mrs. Lin (phone 04-23590121 ext. 22303). 請假問題,請電學務處生輔組劉德慧小姐(電話04-2359-0240);補考問題,請電教務處課務組林小姐(電話23590121轉22303)。
Student Rewards and Penalties 

Student Rewards and Penalties 

Types of rewards and penalties 獎懲種類:

Rewards: commendation, minor merit, major merit, or decoration, certificate of award.


Penalties: Counseling, reprimand, minor demerit, major demerit, regular surveillance, regular  suspension, dismissal.


More student Rewards and Penalties question, contact Mrs. Wang (phone 04-2359-0121 ext. 23102);.


Regulations for Student Rewards and Punishments at Tunghai University

Downloads:THU Recommendation Form for Student Rewards and Penalties

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Lost Something? Please fill this form, if we found match items, we will get in touch with you.



Student Emergency and Condolence Allowance application form



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More information, please call 04-23590273