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Health and Counseling Center – Health

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Provides wound treatment and health consulting, and health orientated activities to maintain physical and mentor health of academic students and faculty.

Emergency care and referral services

If there is any emergency on campus, our medical staff will provide first aid on site , and if necessary, the case can be transferred to Hospital by ambulance for further care.

Student health examinations

The health checkup for freshmen is undertaken by the Health Center every year . Students with significant disorders (such as: hypertension, heart disease, hepatic disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, proteinuria, etc.) will receive follow-up care by the center, and be provided with preventive medical consultation.

Health education activities

Public lectures and activities for health promotion: prevention of common health problems among freshmen; weight reduction class, etc.
Training program for first aid: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) training classes , to increase the ability in dealing with emergency situations.
The Student Health Center provides free health related brochures and pamphlets. In addition, we provide health education information online.




  1. Tunghai University Personal Health History Form東海大學學生健康資料卡
  2. Tunghai University Injury Report Form東海大學外傷登記表
  3. Equipment Loan Form 物品借用表
  4. Tunghai University Health Center Illness Report Form 東海大學衛生保健傷病報表
  5. Student health examinations method學生健康檢查辦法
  6. Health consultation room method衛生保健組「健康諮詢室」服務辦法
  7. Equipment borrowing method衛生保健組醫療器材借用辦法


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